Truck Accidents

These accidents, like all vehicle-related personal injury accidents, typically arise as a result of operator error or equipment malfunction. Unfortunately, minor human error and inattention can result in catastrophic consequences, similar to operating under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Texting and cell phone use while driving has become a major contributor to the number of accidents simply due to the tendency to distract the driver from the task at hand.

Some of the drivers involved are professionals, such as truckers, or employees during the course of their employment, who simply put many miles on the road and may become tired or distracted just long enough to result in a life-changing accident. Fortunately, vehicles in Missouri are required to have insurance, and companies typically have larger policy limits.

An added difficulty in these cases is the tendency to see the evidence (vehicles, gouge marks, skid marks, vehicle location, etc.) moved or compromised rather quickly in an effort to make the road safe for other travelers.